As we grow, so do the number of women we work with

18 Apr

As demands for our Fair Trade notecards increases (the greeting cards are now in about 150 stores in 40 states) we have the opportunity to provide more employment to economically disadvantaged women – thus meeting a major goal of why we are doing this work. While in India I was able to attend a training in Gairsain (pictured at right and below), a remote area of Uttaranchal nestled in the Himalayas. There are very limited employment opportunities in this region and we are excited to partner with women in this area

Some of our current artisans led the training – it was great seeing them take on the leadership role of trainer. Vidhya (see “Our Team” posting below) did a wonderful job taking the women through the process of making a card and showing them the basics. Then the trainees used their imagination to create new designs from the flowers in front of them – an incredible process to watch unfold.

The women are excited to begin producing greeting cards, and I enjoyed sitting with them at a computer showing them some of the retail stores where their artwork would connect with people here in the States (yes – we had an internet connection! More on technology advances in India in a later post).

Meena (middle woman in photo) said, “I always thought I would have to leave this area to find meaningful work and a job that provides enough income. This is my home and I love this place. I am happy that I can stay and work here and be with my family and community.”


One Response to “As we grow, so do the number of women we work with”

  1. Erica April 20, 2007 at 6:12 pm #

    Keep up the awesome work – the women seem amazing and I love hearing their comments first hand. Thanks for posting.

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