A few words from Evan Goldsmith, President of Hope For Women during Fair Trade Month!

6 Oct

October is Fair Trade Month and there are hundreds of activities happening worldwide to highlight the importance of Fair Trade and the positive impact that it is having on farmers and artisans around the world. Fair Trade Month is an effective way to celebrate successes and make more people aware of the Fair Trade product offerings that are available to them. Check in with Fair Trade USA, the Fair Trade Resource Network and the Fair Trade Federation to find out what events are happening near you – have fun and get involved!

Hope For Women is celebrating Fair Trade Month by stepping up our social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter to provide useful information on how Fair Trade is making a real difference in people’s lives, and by trying to find more ways to incorporate Fair Trade products into our daily lives – we look forward to sharing our results with you! We are also participating in Vermont’s annual Fair Trade Business Forum  on October 23, 2010 where I will join 5 other Fair Trade businesses for a panel discussion with the public to answer questions about Fair Trade. Watch our video on how our Fair Trade Tagua is gathered, polished, dyed and created into beautiful jewelery for you!

So make this October your Fair Trade Month – use your purchasing power to choose Fair Trade products, take 2 minutes to tell 5 people how Fair Trade products make lives better, share your efforts on Facebook to show your network how you support Fair Trade products and producers – there are so many simple ways for you join in. Together we can bring Fair Trade products into the mainstream so the farmers and artisans who create the products we use everyday can enjoy the same opportunities that you and I do. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?
I always appreciate hearing feedback so please feel free to send any thoughts, changes, and requests my way through our celebration of Fair Trade Month.


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