Benefits beyond the basics

16 Nov
I am often asked to describe the benefits that the women artisans receive from creating Hope For Women products. Many times I will describe how a woman was able to send a child to school that was not able to attend before, or improved her home with a new gas cook stove or cement floor. Or how a woman could now purchase more nutritious food for her family, or have the ability to visit a doctor to take care of a sick child. These examples of being better able to meet basic needs are all very real and powerful, but I believe it is difficult for most people I know in the United States to really relate to them – since most people never question these basic needs nor have any context of living without their basic needs being adequately met.


Recently, I have been talking about a benefit that one of our artisan partners in El Salvador took advantage of that I think more people can relate to. Maria, one of the creators of our very popular Portraits of El Salvador cards, took a vacation.

This may not sound monumental on the surface, but Maria’s family vacation represents tremendous positive changes in her life. Her vacation shows that, like you, she is also meeting her basic needs and has the freedom to use some of her income to take her family away to relax and have fun. Her vacation represents job stability, steady income and peace of mind. Most people I know have the luxury of taking a vacation each year, and I am happy to share with them that Maria now can too.

-Evan Goldsmith, President of Hope For Women


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