Human Rights Day and Hope For Women

10 Dec

Today marks Human Rights Day 2010. This day recognizes the work of human rights defenders worldwide who act to end discrimination and the disparity between wealth and poverty which is too great in our world.

It is in that regard that the idea for Hope For Women began in a small village in the Indian Himalayas in 1993.  At that time one of the Hope For Women founders, working with a local non-profit group devoted to women’s development and environmental issues, noticed a missing opportunity.  He watched a group of trained artisan women working long days crafting beautiful handmade note cards and envelopes using flowers and other plants that grew locally in the valleys and mountains of the Himalayas. Since they had no access to sustainable markets to sell their cards, they received small financial rewards for their incredible efforts and neither they nor their families could take advantage of the valuable skills they acquired.

Upon returning to the United States, Hope For Women was created to develop a sustainable financial resource to market their products. From this vision came the primary mission of Hope For Women:– to provide retail and e-commerce opportunities for products made exclusively by artisan women so they can take control of their lives and futures. Within the scope of this mission, Hope For Women attempts to work primarily with women and businesses owned and operated by women. From our graphic designer and merchant banker to our accountant and copywriter, we have chosen to work with women owned businesses and will continue to make every effort to support women based organizations around the world.


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