Thank you for a fantastic 2010!

22 Dec

2010 has been year full of big changes for Hope For Women. We have expanded our team, our space, our product lines and partnerships. None of this growth would have been possible without your support.

The women artisans in India, El Salvador and Colombia have all benefitted from the increased work available to them as they fill our growing orders.Our greatest accomplishment of 2010 has been our partnership with Aveda for which we supplied a handcrafted Fair Trade, eco-friendly accessory to be incorporated into their global Holiday gift set program. For this program, Aveda made the single largest Fair Trade purchase of a sustainably harvested rainforest product in Colombian history.  400 acres of native rainforest have been sustainably utilized. The collection of the tagua provides valuable income to local poplulations and is a stong incentive to maintain rainforest habitat instead of converting it to other uses.

Children of Tagua Collectors

400 families have been helped in association with this partnership. Many people in Colombia were involved with this program, ranging from Awa Indians and Afro-Colombians in the coastal Pacific rainforests who collect the tagua, to processors in Bogota who dry, cut and polish the tagua, and local artisans who handcraft the tagua accessory finished product. Working on this project is providing vital income to at-risk populations that helps provide stability and opportunity in their lives.

 As we move into 2011, we will continue to work hard in the name of Fair Trade and sustainability, supporting economically disadvantaged women worldwide. We look forward to sharing more stories of success with you all and photos of our recent travels.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!

Hope For Women


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