Fair Trade Connections Down Under

5 Jan

Most of the connections we make with communities around the world are with artisans that produce products in places like India, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti, and many others in Africa and South America. Recently though, we were contacted by a Fair Trade store in Australia that found Hope For Women on the web and really wanted our products for their store, and this brought to mind how individuals in Melbourne, Australia are supporting Fair Trade and providing a platform to support global artisans.

It is difficult for us to sell to stores in other countries on an individual basis due to the high cost of shipping product from the US (where we store our products) to an individual store in a place like Australia (or Europe). In the future we might be able to find a distributor who can get our products to stores in Australia so that we can bulk ship products direct from India or El Salvador to them, but for now we do not have those systems in place.

Kym of Sankofa Fair Trade in Melbourne, Australia was so in love with our India and El Salvador cards that she ordered them despite the high shipping cost. We just heard back from her that she sold out before the Holidays were over and that they were a huge hit with her customers. So we are sending Kym some more, and we are happy to know that we have Fair Trade friends in Australia who love the work we are doing.

Our day to day focus is dominated by growing the Fair Trade movement here in the US, and it was very nice to have our partnership with Kym in Australia happen to remind us of the great people across the globe that are choosing to make Fair Trade a big part of their lives. Some encouraging perspective for us here at Hope For Women as we move into the new year.


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