Support Fair Trade (in less than 1 Hour!)

11 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult to stick with, so instead of getting down on yourself, get up with Fair Trade! Here are a few ideas you can use to incorporate Fair Trade into your everday life.

Consumer preferences shape communities. Green America estimates that consumers keep THREE TIMES more money in their community when they spend it at a local business (vs. when they shop a chain store). Fair Trade Federation member Partners for Just Trade estimates that artisans keep 4-20 TIMES the amount of money when you shop Fair Trade. Who wouldn’t feel good about that?!

In 1 hour or less:

  •  Write a letter about Fair Trade to your local newspaper or government official
  •  Ask local stores for more Fair Trade products
  •  Support a Local Fair Trade Shop- Simply put, choosing Fair Trade benefits you, the people who receive your gifts, your local community, and communities around the globe – it’s a way to quadruple the impact of the choices you make!
  •  Shop Online! Along with more than 160 FTF members have on-line stores that can bring great items right to your doorstep. 
  • Email this list to ten friends and challenge them to get involved in Fair Trade!

1 Day or Less

  •  Educate your community by organizing a movie screening about Fair Trade
  •  Host a talk (even among friends) on Fair Trade
  • Plan your trip to Boston for the Fair Trade Futures Conference

1 month or Less

  • Read Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide by Jacqueline DeCarlo
  • Take the Fair Trade One-Month Challenge (Over 4 weeks pledge to only use Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate  to support producers in the developing world so they can acquire fairer wages and better support their families and community.)
  • Organize a  Fair Trade Sale at your school or community center. Rally your community together around the great items that Fair Trade Organizations have to offer by putting together a community sale. 

1 Year or Less

  • Make your town a Fair Trade Town

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