Happy Mother’s Day!

6 May

By Evan Goldsmith, President of Hope For Women

For me, Mother’s Day is taking a special moment to honor the woman that brought me into this world and to reflect on all that my mother has done for me – her tireless care for me as an infant and child, her patience with me as a selfish teenager and her guidance to set me straight, and her never wavering support of me as an adult.

Roxhanna in El Salvador

Mother’s Day also brings my thoughts to the wonderful mothers we partner with through Hope For Women, and all their efforts to create a better world for their children and themselves. Whether it is Roxhanna in El Salvador providing her daughter the medicine, treatment and love she needs to lead a more normal life after being diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome.  Or Ana Maria in Colombia, who was able to purchase a computer and internet access after working with us on our AVEDA hair accessory this past holiday season. Her daughters can now take advantage of the global reach of the web and advance in school.  All of the women we partner with are making heroic efforts to be the best Moms they can be, every

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to visit these inspiring women and experience their dedication and commitment to their families – seeing them is by far the best part of my work. Mother’s Day always brings their lives closer to mine and inspires me to get out there and develop more opportunities together.

Evan Goldsmith and his mother at the Hope For Women headquarters in Burlington, Vermont!

This year we wanted to spread the Mother’s Day LOVE from Burlington and from the  artisans we work with all around the world. We want all mother’s to feel special, so we have partnered with The American Red Cross in Burlington VT , Manchester NHPortland & Bangor ME where they will be offering Mother’s Day card handcrafted with Himalayan wildflowers that you can fill out for your mom this Saturday, May 7th! Donate blood to the Red Cross and receive a beautiful Hope For Women  card to write a personal message to your mom for her special day on Sunday.

So Happy Mother’s Day Mom – I look forward to spending time together and cooking you a delicious (hopefully) meal! I wish that I could do the same for all the other inspiring Mom’s that I am fortunate to have in my life.


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