Celebrate with Hope For Women!

7 Jun

Recycled sari photo albums, Balinese tea sets, custom cummerbunds from Guatemala, and Hope For Women note cards are just a few of the items featured in the Fair Trade Federation’s 2011 Fair Trade Wedding Guide. From wedding favors to gifts for the bride and groom, this guide shows tons of ways to plan a wedding that is both beautiful and globally conscientious.

The Fair Trade Federation compiled an absolutely wonderful collection of products and services, and we had such a fun time looking through them! They are diverse, creative, and they all support artisans around the globe.  It was so nice to see that the Fair Trade Federation really targeted everyone involved in a wedding. That way, you can use the guide to plan your own special day and you can also use it as a treasury of gift ideas for the next wedding you attend.

We were delighted to find the work of our artisans in El Salvador highlighted on page 4! We have received so much praise for these cards because of their stunning design, saturated colors, and tangible quality. Below is an image of our feature in the guide, and a link to the rest of the El Salvador collection at our site.

Check out page 4 of the guide to see the Hope for Women feature!

At Hope For Women, we have come to understand that supporting the Fair Trade movement can be a choice that defines a lifestyle. Buying fairly is a step towards living fairly. The recent trend towards fair trade weddings is a sign of new awareness. It is a sign that couples are tuning in to the impact that their choices (as consumers and as global citizens) have on the rest of the world. We are thrilled to be a part of this expanding consciousness.

Let us know how you celebrate with fair trade!


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