Peel Pals™ Are Here!

14 Jun

Let me tell you a story. It is short, but powerful, and it concerns you. I’ll start at the very end.

Hope For Women just released a new Fair Trade and Eco-friendly product that supports women artisans as well as sustainable social and environmental practices. Meet the Peel Pals™, a lively and magical bunch of Elves and Pixies who wish you Happiness, Friendship, Love, and Carefree times. They inspire smiles and delight the young and the young at heart.

But, back to their beginning. This story really starts with a man on a bicycle riding towards the street vendors in Bogota, Colombia. On his bike, there is an empty plastic crate, soon to be filled with the recycled orange peels discarded by juice venders each morning. The peels are yellow and orange and sometimes slightly green; they are unique, varied, and authentic.

Claudia, one of our gifted artisans in Colombia

The peels are transported from the crate to an artisan workshop not far away, where women cut, dry, and shape each piece into skirts, hats, hands and feet. These pieces, as well as jute and wood, are used to transform biodegradable material into fun and friendly pieces of art. Peel Pals™ are born. After each smile is painted and each Peel Pal™ is packaged (in 45% recycled cardboard!) they make their way to the United States, where Hope For Women helps them find homes all over the world.

There are four styles of the Peel Pals™ and each style is paired by type of wish to include an 11” Elf and a 5” Pixie (take a peek below).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are so many great ways to use Peel Pals™: as ornaments, cute decorations, hang one from a knob or around a wine bottle to jazz up a gift, prop them on a shelf or bookcase, or collect the whole family for imaginary adventures. With the end of the school year fast-approaching, Peel Pals™ will also be fantastic gifts for a favorite teacher or a successful student.

At Hope For Women, we offer quality, beautiful, and unique products to customers who care about the integrity of our world. Purchasing a Peel Pals™ is a powerful thing. In doing so, you are standing up for Colombian artisans and their environment, while actively supporting the Fair Trade movement. You can purchase and learn more the Peel Pals™ at our website, here.

Now you know how the Peel Pals™ came to us, but it’s up to you to determine what happens next in the story of Carefree or Love or Friendship or Happiness. And let us know, too! Tell us how you use your Peel Pal™ and stay tuned for an exciting summer giveaway in the next two weeks.


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