Retailer of the Week: The Green Life

16 Jun

Shannon and Michael Hassenberg

This week Hope For Women is featuring a gorgeous store right down the street from our headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. The Green Life is an Eco-friendly store committed to doing their part to help make our planet healthier.

I first wandered into The Green Life about a year and a half ago, after returning home for spring break from Wesleyan University. I was head-over-heels for the aesthetic of the place and so pleased to know that the products I was happily drooling over were sustainable, recycled, upcycled and made of eco-friendly materials. On top of all the beauty, I found myself smiling as I chatted with Michael Hassenberg, one half of the husband and wife team who founded and run The Green Life.

Beautiful organic bedding by Plover

It wasn’t long before I returned to the shop, needing a birthday gift for my impossibly cool, progressive, conscientious Aunt in California. It’s generally tough to shop for her but within about ten minutes, I was having to choose between bamboo bedding, a stunning wooden bowl, a purse made of seat belts, and about ten other fantastic Eco-products.

I love The Green Life and it has truly become my go-to spot for gifts. I can feel great about buying their products, knowing that as a consumer, my purchases have an impact and can define my lifestyle, green or not. I am so happy to feature this wonderful family business and thrilled to know that Hope For Women’s Peel Pals™ are smiling next to other fair trade and environmentally conscientious products.

Peel Pal™ Giveaway!

Best of all, I have some exciting news for you readers from Vermont (or currently visiting Vermont). The first person to go to The Green Life (see link for the address and directions) and mention the Hope For Women giveaway will receive a FREE Peel Pal™! We’re giving away Love, because after all, living green is really about loving the world, caring for our environment, and respecting the breadth of human impact.

Written by Haley Perkins, Intern at Hope For Women


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