Vermont Teddy Bear Tagua Bracelet

7 Jul

Spa Day Bear with Gourmet Tea

Nestled in the warm embrace of our beautiful green mountains, Vermont Teddy Bear Company calls Shelburne, Vermont home. With the company’s huge popularity their teddy bears have found families across the world. The creative designs and quirky characters are bound to make you smile: from Red Hot Redneck Bear to Spa Day Bear with Gourmet Tea, and many other customizable choices.

We have taken the Teddy Bear Tour just down Route 7 from Hope For Women’s headquarters at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. This “factory,” however, more closely resembles Willy Wonka’s than Henry Ford’s. With the bright colors, spirited staff and a giant reverse-vacuum hose that stuffs bears, the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory feels like an odd (and exciting) paradise filled with flying fake fur and laughter.

Hope For Women Tagua Bracelet with Vermont Teddy Bear logo

At the gift shop (also online) you can purchase accessories for your bear as well as logo merchandise (“bear wear”) including a Hope For Women Tagua bracelet featuring the Vermont Teddy Bear signature Bear Head logo. The bracelet was made for Vermont Teddy Bear by our artisans in Colombia from Tagua, the seeds found within pods of the Ivory Nut Palm. Tagua is known as the “ivory of the rainforest” due to its exceptional carvability and since it serves as a viable alternative to elephant ivory, thus protecting those animals. The tagua seeds are harvested after they have fallen to the ground, so no harm is done to the rainforest during the production process.

So, keep an eye out for Hope For Women the next time you’re in the market for a new plush cuddle-buddy. You can know that our Bear Head logo bracelet is Eco-friendly, Fair Trade, and just darn cute! To take a look at the rest of Hope For Women’s Tagua jewelry click here, or head to our facebook page and check out how Tagua goes from seed to bead.


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    Hey gang, thanks for the lovely post. We just followed up on our own blog at .

    Keep up the strong work!

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