Retailer of the Week: Veda Salon & Spa

14 Jul

Hope For Women has a special spot in our heart for Aveda Salons. Like us, they have a strong commitment to global awareness and personal responsibility, without compromising aesthetics. Today, we would like to showcase an amazing family of Aveda salons in Colorado: Veda Salon & Spa, our Retailer of the Week.

Veda Salon & Spa is absolutely stunning. And so are the cuts!

With a total of four locations between Colorado Springs and Denver (see their contact page for location details), the salons reach a large clientele, widely spreading the values of Veda owners, Carrie Perkins and Sandy Francis. For them, the salon is a place for personalized, genuine connections, and their passion for people and excellent service is one of many factors that make Veda Salons and & Spas successful.

Veda salons are truly beautiful, inside and out. In addition to maintaining an admirable social mission, contributing to local organizations like the Catamount Institute through community outreach, and treating customers with exceptional care, Veda Salons look darn good doing it. The facilities are beautifully decorated in welcoming amber shades and natural textures and materials. They make for a beautiful and soothing guest environment where we’d love to plunk down in one of their big leather foot bath chairs, or maybe cozy up next to the fireplace.

Rosa, from our Portraits of El Salvador Card collection, available at Veda Salon & Spa

It is not surprising that Hope For Women fits in well with this crowd. Amidst environmentally-sound shampoos and Sap Moss nourishing hair treatments, you will find Hope For Women Fair Trade Tagua bracelets and pressed-flower note cards.  Our artisans in El Salvador and Colombia have worked hard to create products of unquestionable quality that stand for more than beauty or fashion. When you purchase a Hope For Women product at Veda Salon & Spa, you are empowering economically disadvantaged women, supporting the ever-growing Fair Trade movement, and taking a stand for our environment.

If you’re in the area, absolutely stop into one of the four Veda Salons & Spas and keep your eyes peeled for Hope For Women. And congrats Veda! We’re proud to be working with such a great business!


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