Colombian Independence Day: ¡Felicidades!

20 Jul

(Photo: News-Journal/Gregg Pachkowski)

On the 201st anniversary of Colombia’s independence from Spain, we would like to wish all of our friends and artisans to the South a very happy Independence Day! After nearly 300 years of Spanish rule, on July 20, 1810,  Colombian patriots led the rebellion that would lay the grounds for independence later made permanent in 1819. In honor of freedom and incredible courage, we celebrate the 46 million Colombian citizens who recognize today as a national holiday.

After two and a half weeks, Hope For Women is closing out our Independence Series. It has been so rewarding to share the unique and beautiful stories of three Hope For Women artisans in Colombia here on our blog. (If you didn’t get a chance to meet Rosa, Ofelia, and Claudia, take a moment to learn how they experience independence as fair trade artisans. Just click on each name to link to their spotlight!)

It seems that independence is a feeling that comes alive within the individual. We have seen, however, that Hope For Women is able to act as an Independence Catalyst of sorts, providing opportunities for increased agency and economic freedom for women in Colombia, El Salvador and India. On this day of celebration, please scroll through the following photos of Colombian Independence Day celebration and allow yourself to ponder what independence means to you.

Colombian Student's parade in Cartagena, Colombia (Photo: Xinhua)

At an annual Colombian Independence Day parade in Queens, NY (Photo: News-Anthony DelMundo/Anthony Delmundo)

Patriotism in Cartagena, Colombia (Photo: Xinhua/Juan Perez)

Waving the Colombian flag during Independence Day celebrations in Ontario, Canada (Photo by Claudio Cugliari)

This pup couldn't stay out of the action! (Photo by Allan Hawkins)


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