Fair Trade Your Feast

16 Nov

Fact: Thanksgiving is the real reason the world created elastic waste bands. From the painstakingly arranged veggie platters to the lumpy casserole dishes to the endless pies and glazed fruit pizzas, this is the one day of the year that we literally do not stop eating, and it is glorious. It always catches up to us, of course, usually right when we settle in for the third quarter of the football game and suddenly realize we’re in dire need of ginger ale and a bottle of TUMS. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the inevitable post-turkey tummy ache, but I can help you smarten up the way you shop for your family’s feast.

This time of year, grocery stores are crawling with crazed cart drivers, weaving in and out of isles in a reckless race to find all of their last minute ingredients for their turkey day meal. My advice: take a breath! Lower your stress level and the likelihood of a potentially catastrophic cart-on-cart collision by taking a little extra time while you shop.

First off, instead of going straight for the giant bin of generic turkeys trucked in from across the country and packed with preservatives, help out your community and try buying a local turkey! And forget trying to make sense of complicated labeling, just look for the Fair Trade Certified label on some of your favorite products. These products include a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, oils, coffee, wine, chocolate, ice cream, tea, yogurt, granola and tons more to help make your meal complete! Curious about specific items? Search for products on The Fair Trade Foundation’s products webpage. This Thanksgiving, join us here at Hope for Women and support a better Thanksgiving.


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