Great Products from Great Companies!

1 Feb

Many of the products you can find here at Hope for Women are made from recycled materials, whether it is our ReStyle tire tube bracelets, Salon Pro cosmetic bags, or our Peel Pals made from recycled orange peels; we are trying to do our part in making the world a little bit greener. I wanted to find some other companies that were also doing their part to recycle and help people around them or around the world. Here are my 5 great finds that are worker friendly and environmentally friendly.

1ReSource, which was formally called ReCycle North, is a company in Burlington, VT that was started in 1991 and they have been doing great things ever since. They will take many things from your home that you don’t want/need like lumber, hardwood flooring, cabinets, doors, etc. so they don’t end up in landfills. You can also find awesome products at ReSOURCE such as picture frames, birdhouses, tables, cutting boards, benches and so much more, that are all hand made from salvaged building materials. I bought a night table at ReSOURCE that I absolutely love and that is totally unique – hopefully you have a store like this near you!

2Autonomie Project, inc. has some fabulous Fair Trade and organic products for you and your family. I love the baby playsuits. It’s great to pass on the message of Fair Trade and being eco-friendly to your kids, so start them young! This Get Up Stand Up playsuit is my favorite and it is made using biodynamic agriculture. The playsuit is stitched in a fair trade facility in India. There are 120 women who make these adorable outfits who are economically disadvantaged or handicapped, so Autonomie Project is doing their part to empower women.

3– Thinking of my favorite ReStyle product here at Hope for Women is hard, but I have to say the new Salon Pro Cosmetic Bag is one my favorites. It is made from recycled tire tubes that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or incinerated, which is extremely toxic. What makes the bags so great is not just the fact that they are recycled but that they are ReStyle, meaning they have been transformed from a simple tire into these amazing bags. I like a little color in my life, so the black cosmetic bag with the fuchsia accent is my personal pick. These bags are super durable and I don’t know about you, but I have gone through so many cosmetic bags either because they rip, the zipper breaks or they get so dirty from traveling. This bag is easy to clean and water resistant so that is a huge bonus for me!

4– Want to dress up your table setting? I found these beautiful recycled metal Star Struck Bowls. The company Earth Lover (a member of the Fair Trade Federation) offers tons of great eco friendly, and fair trade products but these bowls really stood out as a perfect way to add some fun to your table. They are all handmade in India. With each product on this website you can find a short story as to where it was made and who made it. This beautiful piece was made by a father of four that has been successful enough to employ 12 more men to make these great bowls.

5Vermont Honey Lights is a company in Bristol, Vermont that makes Beeswax candles, Bee Balm, Naked Bee Body Lotion and many more Beeswax/honey products. Recycling the beeswax into beautiful candles helps ensure that the beekeepers can continue doing their job of keeping our honey bees alive and pollinating. Looking at the Honey Lights website I found out that honeybees pollinate 85% of our fruit and vegetable crops here in the U.S, so it is extremely important to protect these bees and to keep them busy. The Candles and cosmetics are also non toxic, the candles are long-burning and they are dripless which is great!

~There are so many other great Fair Trade and eco-friendly companies out there,  so let us know what your favorite ones are!

Written by Mary Mathias


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