A Fair Trade Product for Every Occasion

5 Mar

Think it’s hard buying Fair Trade for those everyday products? It really isn’t! Here is a quick list of 4 products you may not have thought of as being typical Fair Trade items.

1) Summer is just around the corner and one of my favorite things to do is kick a soccer ball around on the beach. This year I will be purchasing a Fair Trade soccer ball. Senda is a cool company that sells Fair Trade soccer balls, and scrimmage vests for individual consumers and soccer teams. The balls are made in Pakistan and can come in 5 different sizes for both the tiny beginners and the big time pros. Playing soccer has always been a passion of mine but I had no idea that Fair Trade soccer balls existed. Playing the game will get that much better knowing I’m supporting fair wages and a safe working environment.

2) Here is a product I would use everyday because, like so many others, I am addicted to lip balm. This lip balm from Badger is USDA certified organic and made with Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter.They come in 7 different flavors with all natural steam distilled essential oils and no artificial fragrances or sweeteners.This company also has some great organic sunscreens, baby oils, bug repellent, and so much more!

3) Here is a Fair Trade product for that four legged friend of yours! From the company Global Goods Partners, here is a denim dog collar and detachable leash. They are all made in Peru and the dog prints are hand embroidered, making each collar one of a kind. Not only will your dog look good but you will feel good knowing you are buying Fair Trade.

4)Hope For Women has some really unique Fair Trade products and one of my new favorites is the ReStyle Salon Pro Shears Case. This shears case is made from recycled tire tubes by women artisans in Colombia. It extremely durable, water resistant and easy to clean, ensuring that your shears will be clean and protected. It has six pockets to house your various cutting tools and can be rolled up for easy travel. We know that shears, combs and razors are expensive so this is a great product to protect your investments.

Written by, Mary Mathias 


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