Aveda salons feature ReStyle tire tube bracelets to support Earth Month

28 Mar

This week Hope For Women would like to highlight some of the Aveda Salons and Spas that have chosen to use our Restyle™ recycled tire tube bracelets to help raise money for Earth Month and Aveda’s clean water project.

I thought it would be easy to pick an Aveda Salon to highlight, but in the last month, Hope For Women is proud to announce that more than a hundred new Aveda Salons have purchased our Restyle™ Bracelets to incorporate into their fundraising strategies for Earth Month (and many of our existing Aveda salon partners have too!).  Salons like Jackson Ruiz (Austin, TX), Art Beat Salon, (Berkeley, CA), Sundance Salon & Spa (Zionsville, IN), Armand Salon & Spa (Kingston, MA) and Truu Salon (Hollywood, FL) are just a few new Aveda Salons that are joined the Hope For Women family of retailers that sell our Fair Trade and eco-friendly products.

Our Restyle™ bracelets are a perfect match to celebrate the Earth. Each bracelet is handmade by women artisans in Colombia providing vital employment opportunities for women while keeping tire tubes from going into the landfill or being incinerated. Every time an Aveda salon sells our Lunar or Petal Restyle bracelet, they are donating money to help reach their fundraising goal – a win all around.

In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside the whole month of April to love, celebrate and raise money to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Since 1999, Aveda has raised over $22 million, and over the last 5 years $16 million of the funds supported clean water projects at home and around the world. We are so happy to be a part of this incredible effort. Learn more about Aveda’s Earth Month and how you can participate.

To find an Aveda Salon and Spa near you that will be carrying Hope For Women’s products, visit our website at:



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