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Who made that cool ReStyle tire tube bracelet? Meet Yolanda from Colombia

19 Mar

The founder of Hope for Women, Evan Goldsmith, is always in contact with our partners in Colombia, whether he is jumping on a plane to visit in person, or Skyping on his computer  he makes sure we maintain a close connection with the people we work with. I wanted to give you the chance to make a connection with some of the women that make our Fair Trade products, so we asked two of the women in Colombia to answer a few questions.

I would like to introduce Yolanda – a single mother of 3 children who lives in Bogota, Colombia. Yolanda has been making beautiful hand stitched products for over 9 years and her work truly shows her incredible skills. She has been working on the different styles of ReStyle tire tube bracelets, accessories and bags we now offer. Here are some questions that we asked Yolanda with her responses.

•What do you find most fun or rewarding about making the tire tube products and what do you enjoy most about your work?

Yolanda-At first it was very challenging to work with the tire tube since I’ve never done that before – I learned to sew leather and fabric but tire tube is a very different material. Learning to work on tire tube is very rewarding, especially because there’re not too many people who have the opportunity to learn this new skill.

•What is your favorite tire tube product to make, and why is it your favorite?

Yolanda- My favorite product is the ReStyle Motor Bag, because it’s both original and useful.

•The tire tube bracelets are being sold in Aveda Salons in North America to raise money for Earth Month – making people aware about issues like access to clean water and stopping pollution –  what issues are important to you and your family that you want people to be aware of?

Yolanda-I think that people should know about the unprotected children, how in our country for example there’re hundreds of children without education or without a family.

•How has your life changed since you started working with our partner group Sapia in Bogota  – what positive improvements have happened to you?

Yolanda-I’ve been saving to buy my own house and thanks to my job stability I’ve been able to pay for a good school for my three children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Yolanda is also working on the ReStyle tire tube bracelets that are being featured at over 300 Aveda salons and Institutes around the country to help raise money for Earth month! Buying one of these bracelets at your local Aveda salon will not only help support someone like Yolanda, but it will be supporting Aveda’s goal in raising money for their global and local clean water project.

Next week we will be sharing Milena’s interview!

Written by Mary Mathias 


April 22 HAPPY EARTH DAY – Deal a Day for Earth Day – 25% off Tagua Half Slice & Hanging Half Slice Earrings!

22 Apr

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April 21 – Deal a Day for Earth Day – 25% off Tagua Half Slice & Hanging Half Slice Necklaces!

21 Apr

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Deal A Day for Earth Day 4/18/11

12 Apr

In honor of Earth Day, we are giving special one day only deals on some of our Fair Trade, eco-friendly accessories that come from the Earth’s forests. From now until midnight of Earth Day (April 22nd) there will be a new Deal a Day Earth Day deal each day – so 5 different deals for you to check out over the next 5 days.


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