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Spread the Love with Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Gifts!

10 Feb

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Restyle Fair Trade wants to help spread the love worldwide. This list of fair trade certified gifts is sure to include the perfect present for your special someone!

Roses are arguably the most romantic flower symbolizing beauty, love, and passion. One World Flowers sells fair trade roses by the bouquet and has a wide variety of flower options and arrangements. We suggest “All’s Fair in Love” a classic red bouquet that is a signature valentine’s day gift. One fair trade dozen costs $54.95.

This holiday celebrates being sweet to the ones you care about, and a fair trade box of chocolates is a popular gesture of love! This Classic Red Velvet Box for $45 is a beautiful assortment creme filled hearts and caramels that even has an special option for vegans, made completely of fair trade and organic ingredients—it doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

Red and pink are colors that represent the love and passion felt on this warm and fuzzy holiday. Here are some of our favorite products that fit the color scheme and would be a lovely gift for valentine’s day that are 20% OFF for a limited time:


Triple Wrap Chirilla And Leather Bracelet-Dawn

$29.98   $23.98


3 Faceted Tagua on Antiqued Silver Plated Ball Chain

$36.48   $29.18


Giving Tree Tagua Necklace–Poppy Red 

$19.98   $15.98
ImageFaceted Acai Earrings–Raspberry

$19.98  $15.98

ImageTagua Ring–Raspberry

$27.48   $21.98

For a full listing of Red/Pink sale items, click here!

If you’re looking for a fair trade gift for the man in your life, our website has a section of “Gift for Him” with recycled tire tube tech cases, wallets and eco-leather items too!

Sometimes the best gift is a note from the heart. Our tree-free cotton note cards have blank interiors so you can fill that pages with a handwritten love letter. They are beautifully decorated with pressed flowers and grasses indigenous to El Salvador and Colombia, sealed in compostable packaging and printed with non-toxic vegetable based inks. They are eco-friendly, fair trade and inexpensive ranging from $3.99-$5.50.

ImageIndia card collection & El Salvador collection

Remember that through fair trade purchases on this loving holiday, you can feel great knowing that your declaration of adoration is helping to support artisans, farmers and laborers through fair wages and safe working conditions. So spread the love, buy fair trade!


Go Fair Trade for 2013!

16 Jan

Its Not too Late to Start a New’s Years Resolution


A Hope For Women artisan from India who helps to create our beautiful handmade cards.

Hard to believe it is over two weeks into the new year!  Are you still struggling to decide on a New Year’s Resolution? We have a great suggestion for you that will positively impact many other lives as well as your own.  Why not make the commitment to buying Fair Trade products whenever possible? By making this resolution, you will be insuring that the products you purchase are created by people who are earning a fair, livable wage for their hard work.  With Fair Trade products, everyone wins; workers are empowered, lives are improved, and consumers are able to buy amazing products that are produced in a way that is line with their values and beliefs.  Here are a few ideas on how you can begin acting on this New Year’s resolution:

1. Give a Fair Trade Gift EarthLover is a Fair Trade,  Eco Friendly retailer that sells beautiful, handmade goods from around the world. They carry a wide variety of bags, shoes, wallets and other accessories for men, women and babies as well as home goods and body products.

Gifts with Humanity is another business that sells hand-crafted, Fair Trade products from various regions across the globe.  They have a diverse assortment of tableware and home decor, which could be given as the perfect hostess gift.


Hope for Women carries a large selection of unique jewelry and accessories to choose from, which are made from innovative recycled materials such as tire tube and Eco leather.

2. Send a Fair Trade Card Hope for Women carries beautiful, handmade, “tree-free” paper cards.  These artistic cards are perfect for any occasion.  Valentine’s Day, for example is just around the corner and our gracefully designed cards created with pressed wild flowers would make the perfect valentine!

3. Drink Fair Trade Coffee An alternative goal to reducing your coffee consumption could be to instead commit to buying it responsibly by finding Fair Trade certified options. This allows you to support coffee farmers and eco-friendly farming methods while continuing to satiate your caffeine addiction.  Grounds for Change for example is a certified organic coffee roaster, which specializes in 100% Fair Trade coffee and also sells Fair Trade organic tea, hot chocolate and chocolate bars.


4. Start Buying More Fair Trade Foods Equal Exchange is a co-op that sells not only Fair Trade coffee, but also numerous other Fair Trade products from farmers worldwide such as tea, almonds, chocolate, sugar, olive oil, and bananas. This co-op can help you to purchase many of the foods that you buy on a regular basis, in a way that empowers small farmers and encourages sustainable farming methods!


5 Great Fair Trade Gifts for Graduation!

30 May  1. If there is one thing that every student seems to need, whether at school, at an internship or a new office job, it’s coffee. Peace Coffee makes delicious, high quality, organic, fair trade coffee that helps to sustain the lives and families of the people who grow, roast, and sell it and protect the environment that produces it. Even better: get your graduate a subscription so they don’t have to worry about running out of coffee in their first months at a new job or at graduate school!

2. For the on-the-go traveling, working, studying, or maybe even relaxing graduate, a good backpack is a must. The Pencil Promise is an amazing 2-Maasai-bags organization that pledges to donate one backpack to a child in need in Cambodia or India for every backpack you purchase online. Their new Maasai collection of backpacks made from 100% Maasai wool is not only trendy, but is also made by widows of the Maasai Tribe who, due to their marginalized status in society, often do not have access to education or employment. The two-strap backpack is also roomy and comfortable -guaranteed not to hurt the back of the busy and fast-moving post-grad!

 SimpliciTree earrings 3. For the fashionable, but also environmentally and socially-conscious graduate, products that you look good in and that you can feel good about buying are essential. Hope for Women’s beautiful SimpliciTree tagua bracelets, necklaces, and earrings provide opportunities for women artisans in Colombia while also providing incentive to protect valuable rainforest habitat where tagua is harvested. Committed to SimpliciTree Earrings - Turqouiseproviding sustainable employment for economically disadvantaged women worldwide, Hope for Women sells products made exclusively by women to help them gain independence in their lives and futures. All items come in turquoise, rust, stone, or amethyst color.

 The Traveller Journal Gift Pack 4. For the post-grad traveler out to see the world, a journal for writing down thoughts and notes is always a good idea, especially when that notebook is eco-friendly. Tall Trees Eco Store is a great place to find affordable and environmentally sustainable notepads and pens. Their Traveler Journal Gift Pack includes a travel journal handmade in Northern India by women artisans and a biodegradable pen made from corn starch.

5. Finally, for those who prefer to donate money rather than give material gifts, think about donating for your graduate Heifer International. On their website, you can choose your purchase from an array of gifts like a cow, sheep, llama that can produce sustenance and a livelihood for a family and their children. And because animals can produce offspring every year, each gift will be passed on, eventually helping an entire community along the path from poverty to self reliance. By giving this gift you will help your graduate step foot into the “real world” in the right way. Now that’s a gift worth giving!

p.s. Just plan on writing a card? Check out Hope for Women’s handmade tree-free, non-toxic, recycled India Card Collection, which contains cards that are beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and handmade by women artisans in India! You can’t go wrong! Even if we are a little bit biased…

Valley Collection Note Card

Hope for Women featured in Stonyfield’s Rewards Program!

25 May

Did you know that Vermont has the highest people to cow ratio than any other state (almost 2:1)? For me, this and my love for all dairy products are some of the many reasons why supporting businesses like Stonyfield that create dairy products from local farms like those in Vermont and New Hampshire is so important. Aside from the delicious taste, buying Stonyfield yogurt has always made me feel good as a consumer because of Stonyfield’s commitment to community outreach, environmental efforts, and quality products.

And even though yogurt and Hope for Women’s fairtrade handcrafted items may seem like completely different products, there are many ways in which they are similar. Like Stonyfield, at Hope for Women we are committed to creating quality products that our costumers can both enjoy and feel good about purchasing because they are made with environmentally sustainable materials through fair business practices, and support women and families who need the income to survive. In this way, both Hope for Women and Stonyfield products are geared towards the “conscious consumer” who care not only about what they purchase, but about the story behind their purchases. It seems natural, then, for Stonyfield and Hope for Women to forge a connection between their products.

Enter Stonyfield Rewards Program. Through this program, simply by eating yogurt and other Stonyfield products, you can get free Hope for Women handmade cards or tagua bracelets! Now, not only can eating Stonyfield Farm products support local farms (and their many Vermont cows) but it can also support women artisans in India who create beautiful tree-free (the paper is instead made from recycled cotton), non-toxic, and recycled pressed-flower cards and those in Colombia creating beautiful SimpliciTree tagua bracelets!

4-pack of India collection                    SimpliciTree tagua bracelet (amythest color)
handmade cards

To get involved, go to myStonyfield Rewards and create an account (it’s free and fast!). Once you have signed in, you can add points to your account by entering reward codes from the foil lids of Stonyfield Farm yogurt containers (or see the Stonyfield website for code locations on other products). Once you have enough points, you will be able to redeem them for items like Hope for Women’s 4-pack of handmade, Fair Trade Himalayan flower cards or SimpliciTree tagua tree bracelet! Thus, just by eating yogurt, you can help join the community of conscious consumers and support environmentally sustainable practices, fair trade, and women’s rights!

Seems like a pretty good deal to me! Free goods and community outreach all in one!


7 Apr

By Amy Carey, Director of Sales

Rather than highlight a single retailer this week, I would like to highlight AVEDA salons and spas – a fast growing category of retailers that have embraced Hope For Women’s Fair Trade, eco-friendly products. AVEDA salons and spas are successfully retailing our products across the country and the feedback has been really inspiring.

Tina Cancio, of Balance Salon in Tampa, Florida said to us today,“We are nearly completely sold out from our initial order… Hotcakes I tell you….going like hotcakes.”

Since the beginning of the year, over 75 Aveda salons have chosen to sell Hope For Women’s Portraits of El Salvador and India pressed flowered note cards and our Colombian Tagua bracelets, and we are now working with close to 125 Aveda salons around the country. Our social missions align perfectly and Aveda’s guests embrace the products and stories behind the artisans that hand-craft our unique and one of a kind products. We have found a great partner in Aveda salons and we truly love working with them. In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside a whole month to love, celebrate and raise monies to protect the earth and its peoples through its Earth Month program.

Raising millions of dollars to support clean water projects at home and around the world, Aveda has touched the lives of tens of thousands of families worldwide. There are many ways for you to participate in Aveda’s Earth Month efforts. To learn more about getting involved so you can “Be a Water Warrior” click on the image below:

You can find our products at the following salons:

  • Beyond AVEDA Salon
  • James Griffith Salon
  • A Gentle Touch & Spa
  • Karen Allen Salon – Temecula
  • Karen Allen Salon – Riverside Plaza
  • Karen Allen Salon – The Galleria at Tyler
  • Serenity Salon & Spa
  • The Beauty Lounge
  • The Loft Hair Design
  • Abitare Paris Salon and Day Spa
  • Aja Salon and Day Spa
  • Aspen Falls Salon & Spa
  • Avantgarde Salon – Emerald Coast
  • Avantgarde Salon – Legendary
  • Balance Salon
  • Chelsea Salon and Spa
  • Colourations Hair Studio
  • Dorjon Salon
  • Drew James Salon
  • Escape Salon
  • J. Con Salon & Spa
  • James Griffith Salon
  • Nail City Inc.
  • Nuovo Salon & Spa – The Landing
  • Pure Aveda SalonSpa
  • Pyure Aveda Salon
  • Salon Corrine’s As You Like It
  • Source Salon
  • The Palms Hotel & Spa
  • Whole Aveda Salonspa
  • Lavendar Hill
  • Estilo Salon and Day Spa
  • Rejuve Salon & Spa
  • Lisa’s Beauty Therapy
  • Mesheltz Salon
  • Paris Parker Salon – Hammond
  • Paris Parker Salon – Prytania
  • Beyond Beauty
  • Dimensions Design & Wellness Studio
  • Gloria & Company Beauty & Wellness
  • Image Makers Salon
  • Interlocks Salon & Spa
  • Vero Salon & Spa
  • Varuna Salon & Spa
  • Coiffeteria Salon
  • New Reflections – Plymouth Town Ctr
  • New Reflections – Arbor Lakes
  • New Reflections – Ridgedale Center
  • Renaissance European Day Spa
  • VanDavis Aveda Lifestyle Salon/Spa
  • Aurvara Salon
  • Esthetica Salon and Spa
  • Simply Sheila
  • Marion Salon Spa
  • Scott J Salon
  • Myra J Salon
  • Ihloff Salon & Day Spa
  • Delicate Fortress
  • Sapphire Salon
  • Cline’s Salon Vista
  • Wisteria Salon & Spa
  • Chloe Salon
  • True Blue Salon
  • Gaston’s Salon & Spa
  • K. Charles & Co.
  • SKYROKH & Co.
  • Strands HairSpa
  • Stephen and Burns
  • The Men’s Room
  • Fox Fire Salon – 65th Ave
  • Fox Fire Salon – North Proctor Street
  • Habtitide
  • Misbehaven Spa and Salon
  • Entourage Salon & Spa
  • MCV Salon & Spa