Bracelets for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

25 Oct

Supporting causes close to our heart is a big part of what we do at ReStyle–and Breast Cancer Awareness month is no exception. 

We’re excited we have two beautiful bracelets that help support Breast Cancer Awareness. 10% of each purchase goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, one of the top rated Breast Cancer organizations in the country (A+ rating from Charity Watch). Each bracelet features the BCA month ribbon on the acai charm. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Acai woven bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness Acai woven bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness Acai woven bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness Acai round bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness Acai round bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness Acai round bracelet


Tracey’s Must-Have ReStyle Products (Guest Post)

11 Oct

ReStyle is excited to welcome former Glam Media editor and fashion writer, Tracey Harrington McCoy, to our blog. Here, she reveals the five products she’s loving right now on

I was thrilled when ReStyle by Hope for Women asked me to highlight a couple of my favorite products here on their blog. I’m such a big advocate of fair trade and ever since I was introduced to ReStyle’s fabulous products, I can’t stop shopping on their site! Here are the five products I’m currently obsessed with:

1) ReStyle Messenger Bag

ReStyle Recylced Tire Tube Messenger Bag

ReStyle Recylced Tire Tube Messenger Bag

Since discovering ReStyle, I’ve become a huge fan of their recycled tire tube collection. Each item is so unique and can’t be found anywhere else. I already own the cosmetic bag but next on my list is this messenger. I’ll probably use as a baby bag — it’s a great size and super durable.

2) Eco Leather Wide Bracelet

Eco Leather Wide Bracelet

Eco Leather Wide Bracelet

This is one of the coolest, most versatile cuffs I’ve seen in a while–plus it has such a high fashion feel. Perfect for any season and a great final touch to any outfit. It’s also available in a smaller width too for those that prefer a narrower look.

3) ReStyle Recycled Tire Tube Bracelet

Recycled Tire Tube Bracelet

Recycled Tire Tube Bracelet

I told you I love the tire tube products! This bracelet is basic yet funky. And the price point of $10.98 can’t be beaten. Great for men or women.

4) Tagua Ring

Tagua Ring

Tagua Ring

How fabulous is this ring? It’s made from a sustainably harvested tagua seed from Colombia’s rainforest–doesn’t get any cooler than that. A great find for all those women who love chunky jewelry. It’s available in a bunch of colors too.

5) Portraits of El Salvador Cards

Portraits of El Salvador Greeting Cards

Portraits of El Salvador Greeting Cards

These stunning cards were handmade by women whose homes in El Salvador were destroyed by a devastating earthquake and mudslides and represent their hope for the future. Each card features real pressed flowers. Absolutely gorgeous.

Hope For Women introduces…..ReStyle™!

26 Sep

 We’re very excited to unveil our new website, ReStyle™!

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.31.13 PM

Why the new name and site?
Hope For Women has evolved as an organization and we thought it was time for a little change. We think our new branding better fits our commitment of offering exceptional artisan-crafted fashion products that change lives through Fair Trade.

Our hope is to reach more people with our new brand and benefit the artisans that create our unique products even more. To help celebrate our new launch, we’re offering 15% off our entire site with coupon code LAUNCH15

But are your products still Fair Trade and eco-friendly?woman with child
Our commitment to our social mission has not changed at all.  ReStyle products are still Fair Trade, eco-friendly and are helping to change lives for the better. We’ll continue to strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, from sourcing recycled materials to how we package our items.

Are you still working with women artisans?
Yes! Women artisans are still creating our Fair Trade, eco-friendly products. Due to the growing demand for our products more artisans are working, and this includes some men as well. But over 90% of the artisans we work with are women, and we continue to try to work with women in all aspects of our work.

purseWhat kind of products will the new site feature?

We’ll be offering a wide array of high-quality, stylish, and seasonally relevant products that are on trend. This includes stunning statement necklaces, pretty bangles, and eye-catching rings–among many other gorgeous pieces. And don’t worry, we’ll definitely still feature our best-selling line of recycled tire tube products!

***Stay tuned for regular specials and promotions throughout the year!***

Thank you for being loyal and supportive customers of Hope for Women. We hope you’ll browse the new site and check out our gorgeous product lines and inspiring artisans. Don’t forget: get 15% off the entire site with coupon code LAUNCH25 (enter coupon code in the shopping cart).

Fair Trade in the Green Mountain State

17 Aug

Being based in Burlington, Vermont, we are lucky to have beautiful mountains and lakes and a stunning working landscape of farms all around us, to go along with wonderful towns and cities full of engaging people and businesses to interact with.


church-stFair Trade is a part of Vermont. Along with ever increasing support for supporting our local economy, Vermonters also have a strong awareness of how Fair Trade connects us to the rest of the world and can make the world a better place through our purchasing choices. We show a willingness to be a part of Fair Trade through efforts like becoming a Fair Trade Town (Burlington and Brattleboro) or Fair Trade University (St. Michael’s College). Many outstanding companies that embrace Fair Trade make their home here as well, ranging from Dolma Fair Trade and Creative Women to Ben & Jerry’s and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

This week we were so proud to see that one of our Vermont companies, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, was just recognized as being the world’s largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee. For the third straight year!


A huge congratulations to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters making a difference in the lives of coffee farmers around the world.

HFW Outfit Ideas: Bright Boho and Braided

15 Aug
If you’re searching for the perfect trendy and summery laid-back style, look no further. Inspired by the Hope For Women multicolored woven bracelet, this colorful bohemian look incorporates woven and braided details not only in bracelet and featured hairstyle (click here for a tutorial on the up-do!)  but also in the neutral woven sandals.
Since the bracelet features three different and distinct colors (turquoise, purple and a rich dark brown), rather than matching these hues exactly this look embraced the idea of multicolored with a vibrant sundress that included every shade seen in a rainbow. This paired with a solid clementine shrug made the style a bright and casual one without the fear of a being too matchy-matchy. However, to add a sense of cohesiveness, the look added Hope For Women’s handmade acai seed necklaces in the same color as the bracelet along with a brown and turquoise slouchy backpack to compliment its tones. To add a spritz of summery scent to look, these fair trade fragrances from the body shop will make the outfit and  it also coincides with Hope For Women’s values of making socially responsible purchases.
All Hope For Women accessories featured are fair-trade, sustainably created and packaged with eco-friendly materials. To learn more about our company and products, please visit us at