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Stonyfield Rewards Program Features Hope For Women!

28 Jun

I grew up eating Stonyfield Farm organic products. Between my brother’s constant appetite and my enthusiasm for everything dairy, our fridge almost always housed a quart or two of Stonyfield yogurt. We felt good about supporting a business committed to quality products as well as community outreach and environmental efforts. Growing up in Vermont, I also smiled to know that much of the dairy used to create my favorite yogurts came from farms in my own state.

Many of the same values that I admired in Stonyfield Farm I also see in the work of Hope For Women. At Hope For Women, we, too, are committed to creating products that our customers love and can feel proud to purchase, because all of our products are made with environmentally sustainable materials and through fair business practices.

Thus, it feels natural to announce a new connection between these two great companies. Stonyfield Farm is featuring Hope For Women in their “myStonyfield Rewards” program, so now you can get free Hope For Women note cards simply by eating Stonyfield Farm products. Not only does your participation support Stonyfield and Hope For Women, but it also supports all of our artisans in India who create beautiful pressed-flower cards that are tree-free, non-toxic, recycled, and recyclable!

One of four cards in the Hope For Women Stonyfield Rewards set

Here’s what you need to do. Go to myStonyfield Rewards and create an account (it’s free and easy). Once you’re all signed in, you’ll be able to add points to your account by entering the reward codes printed on the foil lids of your Stonyfield Farm yogurt containers (or see their website for other code locations). Once you have racked up some points, you can redeem them for free items like Eco-friendly socks, or an Everyday Food Magazine subscription, or Hope For Women’s 4-Pack of handmade, Fair Trade Himalayan flower cards. It’s that simple.

Hope For Women is so pleased to be working directly with Stonyfield Farm to grow our community and increase our reach. By participating in Stonyfield’s rewards program, you can join this community and stand up for causes like environmental health, fair trade and women’s rights.

Not to mention the free goods…what a deal!


Celebrate World Environment Day this Sunday!

2 Jun

This Sunday, June 5th, the focus in India will be everything green. Across the country, people will be running, planting, listening, eating, engaging, and speaking with environmental activism in mind. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) first organized World Environment Day (WED) back in 1972, and the annual event has only grown since its creation nearly 40 years ago. The theme this year is “Forests: Nature At Your Service.” As the 2011 host country, India will become the grounds for marathons (and Green Walkathons too!), a Biodiversity Film Festival, lectures on topics ranging from Environmental journalism to Business and the Green Economy, an Organic and Forest Food Celebrity cook-out, as well as numerous tree-planting outings throughout the country. Check out the WED site here and find out ways to get involved wherever you may live!

Here in Vermont, Hope For Women feels very connected to the celebrations abroad. We think of Maya, Sumitra, Poonam, Sushella, Babli and all of the other wonderful and extremely capable artisans working in Uttaranchal, India. Delicately arranging flower petals, these women are the spirit and the creativity behind Hope For Women’s Pressed Flower Notecards.

Our green and blue beaded bracelet

Our deep dedication to the environment and our global community allows us to support and provide eco-friendly, sustainable, Fair Trade products from around the world. With the forest in mind, our Tagua Jewelry is made from the seeds within Colombia’s Ivory Nut Palm pods harvested after they have fallen to the ground. That way, no harm is done to the rainforest during the production process and local forest inhabitants are provided with incentive to protect the trees and keep the rainforest intact.

World Environment Day truly is a day to celebrate. It is our day…the world’s day. At Hope For Women, we celebrate, especially, the female artisans in Colombia, El Salvador and India who work directly with their surrounding environments, using sustainable, innovative resources for Hope For Women products. How will you celebrate World Environment Day?

Hint: You might start the celebration by shaking and grooving to these eco-songs from the WED site! (We like the sixth song, “Paradise Lost.”  How about you?)

Tree image credit: http://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/

Happy Mother’s Day!

6 May

By Evan Goldsmith, President of Hope For Women

For me, Mother’s Day is taking a special moment to honor the woman that brought me into this world and to reflect on all that my mother has done for me – her tireless care for me as an infant and child, her patience with me as a selfish teenager and her guidance to set me straight, and her never wavering support of me as an adult.

Roxhanna in El Salvador

Mother’s Day also brings my thoughts to the wonderful mothers we partner with through Hope For Women, and all their efforts to create a better world for their children and themselves. Whether it is Roxhanna in El Salvador providing her daughter the medicine, treatment and love she needs to lead a more normal life after being diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome.  Or Ana Maria in Colombia, who was able to purchase a computer and internet access after working with us on our AVEDA hair accessory this past holiday season. Her daughters can now take advantage of the global reach of the web and advance in school.  All of the women we partner with are making heroic efforts to be the best Moms they can be, every

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to visit these inspiring women and experience their dedication and commitment to their families – seeing them is by far the best part of my work. Mother’s Day always brings their lives closer to mine and inspires me to get out there and develop more opportunities together.

Evan Goldsmith and his mother at the Hope For Women headquarters in Burlington, Vermont!

This year we wanted to spread the Mother’s Day LOVE from Burlington and from the  artisans we work with all around the world. We want all mother’s to feel special, so we have partnered with The American Red Cross in Burlington VT , Manchester NHPortland & Bangor ME where they will be offering Mother’s Day card handcrafted with Himalayan wildflowers that you can fill out for your mom this Saturday, May 7th! Donate blood to the Red Cross and receive a beautiful Hope For Women  card to write a personal message to your mom for her special day on Sunday.

So Happy Mother’s Day Mom – I look forward to spending time together and cooking you a delicious (hopefully) meal! I wish that I could do the same for all the other inspiring Mom’s that I am fortunate to have in my life.

Retailer of the Week: The Co-op Food Stores of Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire

27 Apr

This week Hope For Women is recognizing one of our longest partners and supporters of our Fair Trade and eco-friendly products.

The Co-op Food Stores of Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire

 Both stores have a secret to their successful sell-thru and long term commitment to selling Hope For Women’s pressed flowered Portraits of El Salvador and India note cards.  Each store merchandises their Hope For Women cards in their floral department — offering their customers a beautiful hand-crafted one of a kind card to compliment their beautiful fresh bouquet.  We’ve heard it over and over, how many customers have kept and framed their cards long after the aroma of fresh flowers are gone as a special keep sake.  Our cards leave a lasting impression on the giver, the receiver while benefitting our artisans in El Salvador and India.

One of many consumer cooperatives started during the years of the Great Depression, the Hanover Consumer Co-op is now among the oldest in the United States. During nearly 75 years of operation, the products and services offered by the Co-op have changed in response to the changing needs of its members. All of the Co-op’s retail food stores offer an extraordinary selection of products—including natural and organic produce and meats, a complete selection of brand-name and store-label groceries, natural health and body care, wines and cheeses, and a wide variety of local products. Learn more about these great stores using the links below:

If you are in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, please stop and say hello to the wonderful staff at all the Co-op locations and commend them for their continued commitment to support Fair Trade.


7 Apr

By Amy Carey, Director of Sales

Rather than highlight a single retailer this week, I would like to highlight AVEDA salons and spas – a fast growing category of retailers that have embraced Hope For Women’s Fair Trade, eco-friendly products. AVEDA salons and spas are successfully retailing our products across the country and the feedback has been really inspiring.

Tina Cancio, of Balance Salon in Tampa, Florida said to us today,“We are nearly completely sold out from our initial order… Hotcakes I tell you….going like hotcakes.”

Since the beginning of the year, over 75 Aveda salons have chosen to sell Hope For Women’s Portraits of El Salvador and India pressed flowered note cards and our Colombian Tagua bracelets, and we are now working with close to 125 Aveda salons around the country. Our social missions align perfectly and Aveda’s guests embrace the products and stories behind the artisans that hand-craft our unique and one of a kind products. We have found a great partner in Aveda salons and we truly love working with them. In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside a whole month to love, celebrate and raise monies to protect the earth and its peoples through its Earth Month program.

Raising millions of dollars to support clean water projects at home and around the world, Aveda has touched the lives of tens of thousands of families worldwide. There are many ways for you to participate in Aveda’s Earth Month efforts. To learn more about getting involved so you can “Be a Water Warrior” click on the image below:

You can find our products at the following salons:

  • Beyond AVEDA Salon
  • James Griffith Salon
  • A Gentle Touch & Spa
  • Karen Allen Salon – Temecula
  • Karen Allen Salon – Riverside Plaza
  • Karen Allen Salon – The Galleria at Tyler
  • Serenity Salon & Spa
  • The Beauty Lounge
  • The Loft Hair Design
  • Abitare Paris Salon and Day Spa
  • Aja Salon and Day Spa
  • Aspen Falls Salon & Spa
  • Avantgarde Salon – Emerald Coast
  • Avantgarde Salon – Legendary
  • Balance Salon
  • Chelsea Salon and Spa
  • Colourations Hair Studio
  • Dorjon Salon
  • Drew James Salon
  • Escape Salon
  • J. Con Salon & Spa
  • James Griffith Salon
  • Nail City Inc.
  • Nuovo Salon & Spa – The Landing
  • Pure Aveda SalonSpa
  • Pyure Aveda Salon
  • Salon Corrine’s As You Like It
  • Source Salon
  • The Palms Hotel & Spa
  • Whole Aveda Salonspa
  • Lavendar Hill
  • Estilo Salon and Day Spa
  • Rejuve Salon & Spa
  • Lisa’s Beauty Therapy
  • Mesheltz Salon
  • Paris Parker Salon – Hammond
  • Paris Parker Salon – Prytania
  • Beyond Beauty
  • Dimensions Design & Wellness Studio
  • Gloria & Company Beauty & Wellness
  • Image Makers Salon
  • Interlocks Salon & Spa
  • Vero Salon & Spa
  • Varuna Salon & Spa
  • Coiffeteria Salon
  • New Reflections – Plymouth Town Ctr
  • New Reflections – Arbor Lakes
  • New Reflections – Ridgedale Center
  • Renaissance European Day Spa
  • VanDavis Aveda Lifestyle Salon/Spa
  • Aurvara Salon
  • Esthetica Salon and Spa
  • Simply Sheila
  • Marion Salon Spa
  • Scott J Salon
  • Myra J Salon
  • Ihloff Salon & Day Spa
  • Delicate Fortress
  • Sapphire Salon
  • Cline’s Salon Vista
  • Wisteria Salon & Spa
  • Chloe Salon
  • True Blue Salon
  • Gaston’s Salon & Spa
  • K. Charles & Co.
  • SKYROKH & Co.
  • Strands HairSpa
  • Stephen and Burns
  • The Men’s Room
  • Fox Fire Salon – 65th Ave
  • Fox Fire Salon – North Proctor Street
  • Habtitide
  • Misbehaven Spa and Salon
  • Entourage Salon & Spa
  • MCV Salon & Spa