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Featured Retailers: J.Con Salon & Spa and MCV Salon & Spa

16 Apr

Our last Blog focused on the hundreds of Aveda salons, spas, and institutes that are using our Fair Trade and eco-friendly ReStyle Tire-Tube bracelets to raise money for Aveda’s global clean water initiates fundraising campaign for Earth Month.

There are so many salons that we have a great relationship with and that use our Hope For Women products year round to raise money for Earth Month and other campaigns that are close to their heart. Here are just two of the amazing salons that we truly enjoy working with.

J. Con Salon in Petersburg, Florida partners with Aveda each year to protect the Earth and its inhabitants on a global level to help those less fortunate to receive access to safe drinking water, but also regionally through the  Gulf Restoration Network. The funds have actually helped restore portions of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline!  J. Con Salon has chosen to partner with Hope For Women and sell our distinctive Portraits of El Salvador pressed flower “hair do” cards in their salon for Earth Month.

MCV Salon and Spa in Sun Prairie, WI is another Aveda Salon that has chosen a different approach to raising money for Earth Month by working with Hope For Women selling our Tagua bracelets and SimpliciTree Tagua jewelry. Just like our ReStyled bracelets, that many Aveda salons are selling, the Tagua accessories are made by artisan women using recycled material.

Here at Hope For Women we are  thankful to all of our loyal Aveda retailers who sell our products year round.  Their support is an important component to our ability to continue to provide vital employment opportunities to the women artisans we work with in Colombia, El Salvador and India.

Happy Earth Month!


Who made that cool ReStyle tire tube bracelet? Meet Milena from Colombia

2 Apr

Just two weeks ago we introduced you to Yolanda – one of the women that creates our ReStyle recycled tire tube products – and this week we would like you to meet Milena! Milena is a single mother of three children and has been creating handmade products in Colombia for over four years.

•What do you find most fun or rewarding about making the recycled tire tube products? What do you enjoy most about your work?

Milena-I like the design process, especially the small pieces like wallets or so. That’s what I enjoy the most because that’s what I studied and love to design.

•What is your favorite tire tube product to make, and why is it your favorite?

MilenaThere’s not a specific product, I just like to suggest solutions to make a product even better – that gives me great satisfaction.

•The tire tube bracelets are being sold in Aveda salons in the USA to raise money for Earth Month – making people aware about issues like access to clean water and stopping pollution –  what issues are important to you and your family that you want people to be aware of?

MelinaI’d like people to campaign to get money for poor people and those who have no access to health insurance or proper nutrition.

•How has your life changed since you started working with our partner group Sapia in Bogota  – what positive improvements have happened to you??

Milena– Thanks to this job I’m paying for my first computer, that way my kids can do their homework and can learn to use the internet. I have also learned to work with tire tube and that’s a good skill to have to help further my career since not many people work with this material.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Milena and Yolanda! Both of these women work underDona Rosa who is also a single mother that started out just like Milena and Yolanda as an artisan many years ago. Dona Rosa has taken the initiative to learn many business management skills in order to oversee the management and production of the ReStyle recycled tire tube products. It is very important to us that the women we partner with have the chance to empower themselves and have the opportunity for upward mobility within the company.

Written by, Mary Mathias 

Aveda salons feature ReStyle tire tube bracelets to support Earth Month

28 Mar

This week Hope For Women would like to highlight some of the Aveda Salons and Spas that have chosen to use our Restyle™ recycled tire tube bracelets to help raise money for Earth Month and Aveda’s clean water project.

I thought it would be easy to pick an Aveda Salon to highlight, but in the last month, Hope For Women is proud to announce that more than a hundred new Aveda Salons have purchased our Restyle™ Bracelets to incorporate into their fundraising strategies for Earth Month (and many of our existing Aveda salon partners have too!).  Salons like Jackson Ruiz (Austin, TX), Art Beat Salon, (Berkeley, CA), Sundance Salon & Spa (Zionsville, IN), Armand Salon & Spa (Kingston, MA) and Truu Salon (Hollywood, FL) are just a few new Aveda Salons that are joined the Hope For Women family of retailers that sell our Fair Trade and eco-friendly products.

Our Restyle™ bracelets are a perfect match to celebrate the Earth. Each bracelet is handmade by women artisans in Colombia providing vital employment opportunities for women while keeping tire tubes from going into the landfill or being incinerated. Every time an Aveda salon sells our Lunar or Petal Restyle bracelet, they are donating money to help reach their fundraising goal – a win all around.

In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside the whole month of April to love, celebrate and raise money to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Since 1999, Aveda has raised over $22 million, and over the last 5 years $16 million of the funds supported clean water projects at home and around the world. We are so happy to be a part of this incredible effort. Learn more about Aveda’s Earth Month and how you can participate.

To find an Aveda Salon and Spa near you that will be carrying Hope For Women’s products, visit our website at:


Who made that cool ReStyle tire tube bracelet? Meet Yolanda from Colombia

19 Mar

The founder of Hope for Women, Evan Goldsmith, is always in contact with our partners in Colombia, whether he is jumping on a plane to visit in person, or Skyping on his computer  he makes sure we maintain a close connection with the people we work with. I wanted to give you the chance to make a connection with some of the women that make our Fair Trade products, so we asked two of the women in Colombia to answer a few questions.

I would like to introduce Yolanda – a single mother of 3 children who lives in Bogota, Colombia. Yolanda has been making beautiful hand stitched products for over 9 years and her work truly shows her incredible skills. She has been working on the different styles of ReStyle tire tube bracelets, accessories and bags we now offer. Here are some questions that we asked Yolanda with her responses.

•What do you find most fun or rewarding about making the tire tube products and what do you enjoy most about your work?

Yolanda-At first it was very challenging to work with the tire tube since I’ve never done that before – I learned to sew leather and fabric but tire tube is a very different material. Learning to work on tire tube is very rewarding, especially because there’re not too many people who have the opportunity to learn this new skill.

•What is your favorite tire tube product to make, and why is it your favorite?

Yolanda- My favorite product is the ReStyle Motor Bag, because it’s both original and useful.

•The tire tube bracelets are being sold in Aveda Salons in North America to raise money for Earth Month – making people aware about issues like access to clean water and stopping pollution –  what issues are important to you and your family that you want people to be aware of?

Yolanda-I think that people should know about the unprotected children, how in our country for example there’re hundreds of children without education or without a family.

•How has your life changed since you started working with our partner group Sapia in Bogota  – what positive improvements have happened to you?

Yolanda-I’ve been saving to buy my own house and thanks to my job stability I’ve been able to pay for a good school for my three children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Yolanda is also working on the ReStyle tire tube bracelets that are being featured at over 300 Aveda salons and Institutes around the country to help raise money for Earth month! Buying one of these bracelets at your local Aveda salon will not only help support someone like Yolanda, but it will be supporting Aveda’s goal in raising money for their global and local clean water project.

Next week we will be sharing Milena’s interview!

Written by Mary Mathias 

Salon Spotlight! Jeffrey Richard Salon

11 Feb

Earth Day, in North America, is April 22nd and is now the largest, most celebrated event worldwide.  For Aveda, the whole month of April is a time to celebrate the Earth. The entire Aveda community and their partners join together to raise money and awareness for clean water initiatives.

Here at Hope For Women, we support Aveda’s cause and have joined forces with Salons and Spas across the country to assist them in reaching their individual Earth Month fundraising goals. For Jeffrey Richard Salon in Grand Rapids,Michigan, caring for the environment, the community and the earth is something they think about every day. To raise money for Aveda’s Earth Month clean water initiatives, Jeffrey Richards’ Salon will be selling our Fair Trade and eco-friendly Restyle™ bracelets, made from recycled tire tubes.

Hope For Women’s Restyle™ bracelets are a great way to raise awareness for Earth Month while also creating life-changing opportunities for the women who make them. The bracelets are super stylish and are great for both men and women! We are so thankful that hundreds of Aveda Salons and Spas see the value of supporting two wonderful causes at the same time.

For more information on how you can partner with Hope For Women visit:


To learn more about Earth Month and Aveda visit:


Jeffrey Richard Salon has supported Hope For Women’s Fair Trade and eco-friendly products

Jeffrey Richard Salon  .  742 Wealthy Street SE.  Grand Rapids, MI 49503.  616.235.9100.

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