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Hope for Women featured in Stonyfield’s Rewards Program!

25 May

Did you know that Vermont has the highest people to cow ratio than any other state (almost 2:1)? For me, this and my love for all dairy products are some of the many reasons why supporting businesses like Stonyfield that create dairy products from local farms like those in Vermont and New Hampshire is so important. Aside from the delicious taste, buying Stonyfield yogurt has always made me feel good as a consumer because of Stonyfield’s commitment to community outreach, environmental efforts, and quality products.

And even though yogurt and Hope for Women’s fairtrade handcrafted items may seem like completely different products, there are many ways in which they are similar. Like Stonyfield, at Hope for Women we are committed to creating quality products that our costumers can both enjoy and feel good about purchasing because they are made with environmentally sustainable materials through fair business practices, and support women and families who need the income to survive. In this way, both Hope for Women and Stonyfield products are geared towards the “conscious consumer” who care not only about what they purchase, but about the story behind their purchases. It seems natural, then, for Stonyfield and Hope for Women to forge a connection between their products.

Enter Stonyfield Rewards Program. Through this program, simply by eating yogurt and other Stonyfield products, you can get free Hope for Women handmade cards or tagua bracelets! Now, not only can eating Stonyfield Farm products support local farms (and their many Vermont cows) but it can also support women artisans in India who create beautiful tree-free (the paper is instead made from recycled cotton), non-toxic, and recycled pressed-flower cards and those in Colombia creating beautiful SimpliciTree tagua bracelets!

4-pack of India collection                    SimpliciTree tagua bracelet (amythest color)
handmade cards

To get involved, go to myStonyfield Rewards and create an account (it’s free and fast!). Once you have signed in, you can add points to your account by entering reward codes from the foil lids of Stonyfield Farm yogurt containers (or see the Stonyfield website for code locations on other products). Once you have enough points, you will be able to redeem them for items like Hope for Women’s 4-pack of handmade, Fair Trade Himalayan flower cards or SimpliciTree tagua tree bracelet! Thus, just by eating yogurt, you can help join the community of conscious consumers and support environmentally sustainable practices, fair trade, and women’s rights!

Seems like a pretty good deal to me! Free goods and community outreach all in one!


It’s here! My Top 10 Favorite Fair Trade Gift Ideas

29 Nov

I searched high and low looking for awesome Fair Trade holiday gifts for my notoriously picky fam and friends this year. What did I find?.. So much good stuff! In fact, I was completely overwhelmed with how many amazing and unique Fair Trade gifts are out there, ranging from cinnamon sticks to sea sponges, which in turn inspired me to compile a list of some of my personal favorites for you to enjoy.

1. Coconut Soap – $4.50 Totally affordable and the perfect stocking stuffer size. Plus, just imagine how awesome you will smell…

2. Recycled Foil Wrapper Clutch Bag – $39.99 Super colorful and super creative. Great for keeping your sacred cellular safe.

3. Hand-Carved Kenyan Salad Tongs – $14.99 Absolutely beautiful. The perfect addition to any table setting. 

4. Swinging Leg Cat Pencil – $5.00 Okay, so my love for cats might make me a little biased on this one, but I couldn’t resist. Cute, affordable, and the perfect stocking stuffer.

5. Organic Breakfast Crate – $39.95 Pancakes, maple syrup and Green Mountain Coffee, anyone? Deliciousness in a basket.

6. Medium Clunky Colorful Telephone Bracelet – $18.99 So cool. Brighten up any bland outfit with these essential funky accessories.

7. Farm Story Finger Puppets – $19.50 One of the cutest things I have ever laid eyes on. The perfect playful present for all you creative kids out there. 

8. Dark Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels – $5.00 Who wouldn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to a handful of these delectable treats?

9. Recycled Sheet Metal Star Ornament – $3.00 These little guys come in all sorts of fun colors and adds that extra little sparkle to your tree.

10. Tagua Layered Slice Earrings – $23.95 These have always been one of my favorites from the Hope for Women tagua collection. A perfect gift for any and all occasions.

Compiled by Sarah VanNostrand – Hope For Women All-Star Intern

Featured Retailer: Made on Earth

17 Nov

Made On Earth is a boutique legendary for its fair trade philosophy, commitment to social justice, gifts with purpose and clothing with flair. Located in the heart of historic downtown Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, “The Oldest Summer Resort in America,” Made on Earth provides an alternative experience to the conservative, status quo retail gift and clothing stores. 

Inspired by the owners’ personal interests in world travel, social action and spirituality, they travel the world purchasing products from small cottage industries while forming meaningful relationships with diverse people and cultures. We are proud that Made on Earth supports Hope For Women products by carrying our SimpliciTree Tagua jewelry, Peel Pals and Portraits of El Salvador pressed flower note cards.

By shopping at Made on Earth, you support their commitment to working with overseas communities to create a better future, and you are directly helping a small New England town help others around the world – very cool!

To learn more about this incredible business, take a peek at their webpage.

Dillard’s Salons & Spas – Thank You!

27 Oct

We are thrilled to announce that 33 Dillard’s Salons & Spas have chosen to carry Hope For Women Fair Trade, eco-friendly products. Each location will be retailing a selection of our tagua bracelets and Portraits of El Salvador greeting cards

We have been very impressed with Dillard’s support for Hope For Women and by their commitment towards educating their staff on the story behind our products. Dillard’s went out of their way to work with us to incorporate tagua videos into their internal Dillard’s Salon & Spa staff education program so that all of their  staff would be able to share with salon guests the details about tagua and the women who create the products.

Hope For Women’s President, Evan Goldsmith, recently met two women who work for Dillard’s at AVEDA Congress and said, “I was blown away by the commitment that these women have for making a difference in people’s lives – whether by helping a woman start her own salon business in Iraq to providing free beauty services for women in impoverished communities in Ohio. Their passion for supporting women is shared by everyone I have been working with at Dillard’s Salons & Spas, and shows why they are such a great new partner for us.”

So consider getting your next beauty treatment or relaxing massage at a Dillard’s Salon & Spa – not only will you look and feel great but you also have the opportunity to support another company that chooses to feature Fair Trade, eco-friendly products. Find a Dillard’s Salon & Spa near you.

Featured Retailer: Phoenix Books

13 Oct

Hope for Women is excited to be featuring Phoenix Books this week! This incredible independent and unique book store does much more than just sell books. Phoenix Books is a business about “Cultivating Your Community” through unequaled customer service and unparalleled special order fulfillment. They are strong believers in supporting their community with donations and/or partnerships with dozens of local organizations, including Hope for Women! They also believe in collaboration, hosting events in cooperation with the Burlington Book Festival and the Champlain Valley Fair, just to name a few.

We’re thrilled to announce that Phoenix Books is carrying our whole line of Hope for Women’s Lifestyle products, including our tagua bracelets, portraits of El Salvador  and India note cards and our unique Peel Pals. They have also joined us in supporting BCA month by carrying our limited edition PINK tagua bracelets, where 5% of the proceeds will go straight to help find a cure.

We’re also happy to see that they are as excited as we are about our Hope for Women products: “Our customers and our staff at Phoenix are excited each time we receive gorgeous new bracelets and cards! It’s a rare and wonderful occurrence to know the story of who makes the products one buys. We are proud to offer Hope for Women in our book store.”

For more information on Phoenix Books, take a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages, or better yet, stop by in person! You will be greeted warmly in their authentic espresso and wine bar where you can sit back enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with friends in a truly welcoming environment.