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Go Fair Trade for 2013!

16 Jan

Its Not too Late to Start a New’s Years Resolution


A Hope For Women artisan from India who helps to create our beautiful handmade cards.

Hard to believe it is over two weeks into the new year!  Are you still struggling to decide on a New Year’s Resolution? We have a great suggestion for you that will positively impact many other lives as well as your own.  Why not make the commitment to buying Fair Trade products whenever possible? By making this resolution, you will be insuring that the products you purchase are created by people who are earning a fair, livable wage for their hard work.  With Fair Trade products, everyone wins; workers are empowered, lives are improved, and consumers are able to buy amazing products that are produced in a way that is line with their values and beliefs.  Here are a few ideas on how you can begin acting on this New Year’s resolution:

1. Give a Fair Trade Gift EarthLover is a Fair Trade,  Eco Friendly retailer that sells beautiful, handmade goods from around the world. They carry a wide variety of bags, shoes, wallets and other accessories for men, women and babies as well as home goods and body products. http://www.earthlovershopping.com/

Gifts with Humanity is another business that sells hand-crafted, Fair Trade products from various regions across the globe.  They have a diverse assortment of tableware and home decor, which could be given as the perfect hostess gift. http://www.giftswithhumanity.com/


Hope for Women carries a large selection of unique jewelry and accessories to choose from, which are made from innovative recycled materials such as tire tube and Eco leather. http://www.hopeforwomen.com/lifestyle/products/

2. Send a Fair Trade Card Hope for Women carries beautiful, handmade, “tree-free” paper cards.  These artistic cards are perfect for any occasion.  Valentine’s Day, for example is just around the corner and our gracefully designed cards created with pressed wild flowers would make the perfect valentine!  http://www.hopeforwomen.com/lifestyle/products/indianotecardcollection/

3. Drink Fair Trade Coffee An alternative goal to reducing your coffee consumption could be to instead commit to buying it responsibly by finding Fair Trade certified options. This allows you to support coffee farmers and eco-friendly farming methods while continuing to satiate your caffeine addiction.  Grounds for Change for example is a certified organic coffee roaster, which specializes in 100% Fair Trade coffee and also sells Fair Trade organic tea, hot chocolate and chocolate bars.  http://www.groundsforchange.com/index.php?


4. Start Buying More Fair Trade Foods Equal Exchange is a co-op that sells not only Fair Trade coffee, but also numerous other Fair Trade products from farmers worldwide such as tea, almonds, chocolate, sugar, olive oil, and bananas. This co-op can help you to purchase many of the foods that you buy on a regular basis, in a way that empowers small farmers and encourages sustainable farming methods! http://www.equalexchange.coop/index.php



Featured Retailer: Made on Earth

17 Nov

Made On Earth is a boutique legendary for its fair trade philosophy, commitment to social justice, gifts with purpose and clothing with flair. Located in the heart of historic downtown Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, “The Oldest Summer Resort in America,” Made on Earth provides an alternative experience to the conservative, status quo retail gift and clothing stores. 

Inspired by the owners’ personal interests in world travel, social action and spirituality, they travel the world purchasing products from small cottage industries while forming meaningful relationships with diverse people and cultures. We are proud that Made on Earth supports Hope For Women products by carrying our SimpliciTree Tagua jewelry, Peel Pals and Portraits of El Salvador pressed flower note cards.

By shopping at Made on Earth, you support their commitment to working with overseas communities to create a better future, and you are directly helping a small New England town help others around the world – very cool!

To learn more about this incredible business, take a peek at their webpage.

Stonyfield Rewards Program Features Hope For Women!

28 Jun

I grew up eating Stonyfield Farm organic products. Between my brother’s constant appetite and my enthusiasm for everything dairy, our fridge almost always housed a quart or two of Stonyfield yogurt. We felt good about supporting a business committed to quality products as well as community outreach and environmental efforts. Growing up in Vermont, I also smiled to know that much of the dairy used to create my favorite yogurts came from farms in my own state.

Many of the same values that I admired in Stonyfield Farm I also see in the work of Hope For Women. At Hope For Women, we, too, are committed to creating products that our customers love and can feel proud to purchase, because all of our products are made with environmentally sustainable materials and through fair business practices.

Thus, it feels natural to announce a new connection between these two great companies. Stonyfield Farm is featuring Hope For Women in their “myStonyfield Rewards” program, so now you can get free Hope For Women note cards simply by eating Stonyfield Farm products. Not only does your participation support Stonyfield and Hope For Women, but it also supports all of our artisans in India who create beautiful pressed-flower cards that are tree-free, non-toxic, recycled, and recyclable!

One of four cards in the Hope For Women Stonyfield Rewards set

Here’s what you need to do. Go to myStonyfield Rewards and create an account (it’s free and easy). Once you’re all signed in, you’ll be able to add points to your account by entering the reward codes printed on the foil lids of your Stonyfield Farm yogurt containers (or see their website for other code locations). Once you have racked up some points, you can redeem them for free items like Eco-friendly socks, or an Everyday Food Magazine subscription, or Hope For Women’s 4-Pack of handmade, Fair Trade Himalayan flower cards. It’s that simple.

Hope For Women is so pleased to be working directly with Stonyfield Farm to grow our community and increase our reach. By participating in Stonyfield’s rewards program, you can join this community and stand up for causes like environmental health, fair trade and women’s rights.

Not to mention the free goods…what a deal!

Retailer of the Week: Plowsharing Crafts!

9 Jun

This week, Hope For Women would like to feature Plowsharing Crafts, a fantastic non-profit retailer in Missouri. Plowsharing Crafts helps to provide vital, fair income to artisans by selling their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America.

Owning a retail store as a not-for-profit is more than an interesting concept. Their stores are staffed by volunteers who are committed to the Fair Trade movement. From unpacking shipments to wrapping your purchases, the volunteers are an essential part of the store’s success and work solely to support Plowsharing’s mission to sell products that make a difference in our world. Plowsharing Crafts operates non-profit shops in University City and Kirkwood, Missouri, each filled with fairly-traded products from over 40 different countries including items from Asia, Africa, as well as Central and South America.

Some of the Plowsharing team on their way to Monte Verde, Honduras to help with the coffee harvest and to meet with artisans

If you’re in the Midwest, definitely stop by Plowsharing Crafts and look for Hope For Women’s handcrafted pressed flower note cards from India and El Salvador as well as our latest product, Peel Pals, made from recycled orange peels in Colombia. You’ll also find a wide variety of products including jewelry, clothing, folk art, musical instruments, housewares, toys, games, and Christmas nativities and ornaments. We are thrilled to have our products in a store with such a commitment to fair business, from the artisan’s hands to yours! Take a moment and watch this short video about Plowsharing Crafts.

Celebrate with Hope For Women!

7 Jun

Recycled sari photo albums, Balinese tea sets, custom cummerbunds from Guatemala, and Hope For Women note cards are just a few of the items featured in the Fair Trade Federation’s 2011 Fair Trade Wedding Guide. From wedding favors to gifts for the bride and groom, this guide shows tons of ways to plan a wedding that is both beautiful and globally conscientious.

The Fair Trade Federation compiled an absolutely wonderful collection of products and services, and we had such a fun time looking through them! They are diverse, creative, and they all support artisans around the globe.  It was so nice to see that the Fair Trade Federation really targeted everyone involved in a wedding. That way, you can use the guide to plan your own special day and you can also use it as a treasury of gift ideas for the next wedding you attend.

We were delighted to find the work of our artisans in El Salvador highlighted on page 4! We have received so much praise for these cards because of their stunning design, saturated colors, and tangible quality. Below is an image of our feature in the guide, and a link to the rest of the El Salvador collection at our site.

Check out page 4 of the guide to see the Hope for Women feature!

At Hope For Women, we have come to understand that supporting the Fair Trade movement can be a choice that defines a lifestyle. Buying fairly is a step towards living fairly. The recent trend towards fair trade weddings is a sign of new awareness. It is a sign that couples are tuning in to the impact that their choices (as consumers and as global citizens) have on the rest of the world. We are thrilled to be a part of this expanding consciousness.

Let us know how you celebrate with fair trade!