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Fair Trade in the Green Mountain State

17 Aug

Being based in Burlington, Vermont, we are lucky to have beautiful mountains and lakes and a stunning working landscape of farms all around us, to go along with wonderful towns and cities full of engaging people and businesses to interact with.


church-stFair Trade is a part of Vermont. Along with ever increasing support for supporting our local economy, Vermonters also have a strong awareness of how Fair Trade connects us to the rest of the world and can make the world a better place through our purchasing choices. We show a willingness to be a part of Fair Trade through efforts like becoming a Fair Trade Town (Burlington and Brattleboro) or Fair Trade University (St. Michael’s College). Many outstanding companies that embrace Fair Trade make their home here as well, ranging from Dolma Fair Trade and Creative Women to Ben & Jerry’s and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

This week we were so proud to see that one of our Vermont companies, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, was just recognized as being the world’s largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee. For the third straight year!


A huge congratulations to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters making a difference in the lives of coffee farmers around the world.


The World Under Water

8 Jun

Burlington, Vermont (AP Photo / Toby Talbot)

In the past few months, Vermont (the home of Hope For Women) has encountered flooding unlike anything most locals can remember. Our waterfront disappeared under what seemed like an endless rise in Lake Champlain’s water level, leaving businesses, homes, and boats abandoned at the hand of Mother Nature. Now, we’re slowly drying out and, though many of the effects of this flood are not yet resolved, our state is chugging towards recovery.

At Hope For Women, though, we think about our artisans in Bogota, Colombia. In the past year, their country has experienced massive and consistent rain storms, causing the onset of devastating flooding and mudslides. Death tolls flared into the hundreds, and millions were affected by the huge swells of water. Fortunately, all of the artisans that Hope For Women works with in Colombia are safe and healthy. However, as many Vermonters are also experiencing, flooding has affected their ability to travel, their access to certain materials used for work, and some of their family and living situations. Today, we are reminded that our world is an interconnected and dynamic web. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes disaster to open our eyes to our connections abroad. Hope For Women strives to bring light to these connections by nourishing global relationships and humanizing international business. Help our goal of global awareness by taking a moment to scroll through the following photos of Vermont and Colombia.

Burlington, Vermont (Photo credit: Matt Sutkoski)

Colchester Point, Vermont (Photo credit: Matt Sutkoski)

Colchester, Vermont (AP Photo / Toby Talbot)

Bogota, Colombia, the home of our artisans (AFP / Getty Images)

La Dorada, Colombia (Felipe Caicedo / Reuters)

Cali, Colombia (Luis Robaya / AFP - Getty Images)

La Dorada, Colombia (Felipe Caicedo / Reuters)

Cali, Colombia (Luis Robayo / AFP - Getty Images)

To learn more about flooding in Colombia in the last year, you can start here. Also, tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook wall.