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How to have a Fair Trade friendly Valentines Day!

6 Feb

Looking for an original way to show appreciation for your valentine this year? Commit to Fair Trade!

Here are some ideas on creative and socially responsible alternatives to the average Valentines Day gift:

1. Fair Trade Chocolate– Chocolate is an essential part of every Valentines Day, but this year consider options such as the Valentines products from Divine Chocolate, the only Fair Trade chocolate company which is 45% owned by the farmers. Company ownership gives the farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry.  Another option, which comes in wide array of unique flavors is Alter Eco chocolate. They offer 10 different types of chocolate bars such as dark coconut toffee, dark quinoa, dark mint, and dark with crystallized orange peel. A third Fair Trade, organic option is Equal Exchange chocolate, which comes in a variety of forms and flavors, each as delicious as the next!


2. Fair Trade Flowers Many people are not aware of the exploitation that occurs within the cut flower business in order to keep costs low.  Commit to buying Fair Trade flowers this Valentines Day in order to insure that you are not contributing to the mistreatment and abuse of workers.  One wonderful option is One World Flowers, an organization that sells all Fair Trade roses and has a large selection of Valentines Day bouquets.  One of the arrangements in particular, the Helping Haiti bouquet allows you to contribute to a cause while showing appreciation for your valentine because 10% of the purchase price is given as a donation to Samaritan’s Purse relief efforts in Haiti.  Another great option if there is a Whole Foods near you is to buy their Whole Trade Guaranteed or certified organic flower arrangements.  These floral products are grown according to strict criteria for ethical trade and earth-friendly farming.

Whole Foods Whole Trade Guaranteed Flower Selection

Whole Foods Whole Trade Guaranteed Flower Selection

One World Flowers Fair Trade Bouquet

One World Flowers Fair Trade Bouquet

3. Fair Trade Wine–  A bottle of wine is another essential component of most Valentines Day celebrations, so why not make it Fair Trade? There are now Fair trade wineries in Argentina, Chile and South Africa.  Here is a list of the the Top 10 Fair Trade Wines to help you make the best selection.

4. Fair Trade Jewelry & Accessories– At Hope For Women we are offering a Valentines Day special of 15% off select purple, red and pink products, which would make perfect gifts for your valentine! If you are looking to buy specifically gold jewelry for your special someone, check out Fair Trade and Fair Mined gold from the Fairtrade Foundation.

Tagua Twigs Cuff Bracelet - Fire -

Tagua Twigs Cuff Bracelet – Fire –

Fair Trade & Fair Mined Gold

Fair Trade & Fair Mined Gold

ReStyle Men's Wallet - Red -
ReStyle Men’s Wallet – Red –

Fair Trade Your Feast

16 Nov

Fact: Thanksgiving is the real reason the world created elastic waste bands. From the painstakingly arranged veggie platters to the lumpy casserole dishes to the endless pies and glazed fruit pizzas, this is the one day of the year that we literally do not stop eating, and it is glorious. It always catches up to us, of course, usually right when we settle in for the third quarter of the football game and suddenly realize we’re in dire need of ginger ale and a bottle of TUMS. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the inevitable post-turkey tummy ache, but I can help you smarten up the way you shop for your family’s feast.

This time of year, grocery stores are crawling with crazed cart drivers, weaving in and out of isles in a reckless race to find all of their last minute ingredients for their turkey day meal. My advice: take a breath! Lower your stress level and the likelihood of a potentially catastrophic cart-on-cart collision by taking a little extra time while you shop.

First off, instead of going straight for the giant bin of generic turkeys trucked in from across the country and packed with preservatives, help out your community and try buying a local turkey! And forget trying to make sense of complicated labeling, just look for the Fair Trade Certified label on some of your favorite products. These products include a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, oils, coffee, wine, chocolate, ice cream, tea, yogurt, granola and tons more to help make your meal complete! Curious about specific items? Search for products on The Fair Trade Foundation’s products webpage. This Thanksgiving, join us here at Hope for Women and support a better Thanksgiving.

Like a Good Cup of Socially Responsible Coffee? So do we.

8 Nov

We’re proud here at Hope for Women to be headquartered in the same beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

GMCR was founded back in 1981, but just last month they made major headlines for being dubbed the world’s largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in 2010 by Fair Trade USA. To put that in numbers, that’s over 26 million pounds of coffee- amazing!

Needless to say, GMCR has been doing much more than simply creating a delicious tasting coffee for the past 30 years. They have also been dedicated to engaging in socially responsible business practices, and it’s making a big difference-

“Our business success enables us to invest in a more just and sustainable future — whether through sales of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, energy and waste reduction programs, awareness building campaigns, new product development, employee benefits, projects in supply-chain communities, volunteerism, grants, or product donations,” (greenmountaincoffee.com).

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is also committed to supporting Fair Trade farmers spanning all the way from Latin America to Africa through community development projects. Some of these projects include establishing new health clinics, building roads and creating scholarships.

GMCR has also chosen to work with Hope For Women by having us create a GMCR branded tagua key chain for them to use in their marketing and promotional materials. GMCR could have chosen any supplier for this, but made a conscious decision to choose a Fair Trade, eco-friendly product that comes from one of the major coffee producing countries they work in.

I urge everyone to take a moment and explore GMCR’s fun and interactive website and Facebook page, and while you’re at it, make sure to check out their many varieties of coffee that we have all come to love and yes, even depend on.

Pets Love Fair Trade, Too!

2 Nov

Here at Hope for Women, we’re big animal lovers. I think it’s safe to say that most of us pet owners out there would consider our furry friends to be a part of the family. For all that our fluffy felines and playful pooches do to keep us happy and healthy, the least we can do is return the favor and treat them with some socially responsible Fair Trade products. Your pet will feel great and so will you! A win all around.

Felt catnip-infused mouse toys, food and water bowls, doggy sweaters and bandanas, rope toys, beaded and bamboo dog collars, tasty treats and shampoo bars are just a few of the many Fair Trade products your pet can enjoy. The holidays are sneaking up on us as usual- have you checked your pet’s wish list lately?

Lucky for us, there are many great resources we can turn to to help guide us through the Fair Trade pet product purchasing process. Organizations like Global Goods Partners, Real Animals Fair Trade, Fair Trade Trends and Bark for Peace are some of the many places where we can read up on these products and maybe even do a little shopping for our beloved cats and dogs. Even just one Fair Trade dog biscuit can help make a big difference in people’s- and animal’s- lives the world over. It’s a small gesture that can make a big change. Check it out today!

There’s an App for That! Fair Trade Finder App

20 Oct

Now there is an easy way to find Fair Trade products near you. With the new Fair Trade Finder App from Fair Trade USA (it’s free!) you can locate the stores carrying your favorite Fair Trade Certified products with the click of a button. 

One of the coolest things about this app is that it’s up to the users to make it grow. You can easily add new products or share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter through tagging and uploading photos. Support Fair Trade products while promoting your own! It can be accessed on your iPhone, Android and on their Facebook page, so whether you’re on the go or in the office you can always find what you’re looking for.

The holidays are coming up, and Hope for Women knows how crazy this time of year can get. With this handy Fair Trade helper in your pocket, though, it makes shopping quick, easy and guilt-free.

By diving into the digital world, the Fair Trade Finder App is helping to reach a whole new audience and encouraging consumers to buy Fair Trade Certified products. With tools like this one, we can all help grow the Fair Trade movement. Fair Trade month may be almost over, but our support doesn’t stop there. Check out this new app today and shop Fair Trade all year round!