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Happy World Environment Day! 5 Ways to Go Green

6 Jun


Happy World Environment Day!

Did you know that even today, there are still less women than men in disciplines expected to create green jobs like energy, engineering, and industry? In fact, UN Women estimates that female employees make up only about 20 percent of the energy industry, most in nontechnical fields, but states that where women have been involved in environmental decision-making, greater improvements to education, clean water, and management of the environmental community have been among some of the results.

At Hope for Women, we believe not only in protecting the livelihood of women around the world, but also about protecting the environment around them. By working to sell fair trade products that are eco-friendly and come in environmentally sustainable packaging, we connect an empowering future for women with a more sustainable future for the environment, which we believe is the best future possible. So, in celebration of this mission and yesterday’s world environment day, we list here five ways that you can take part in this international event!

1. Rather than buying new things every time you need something, consider recycling and reusing products instead. For instance, freecycle is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. And this isn’t the only one out there! For example, recycle:

2. Pack a waste-free lunch. That is, instead of using throw-away bags, paper napkins, and plastic silverware, use reusable containers, a cloth napkin, silverware, and a thermos or reusable water bottle. Even better: encourage everyone in your family, at school, and at the workplace to do the same!

3. Need new decorations for your home? Need help thinking up an inexpensive, thoughtful gift for a friend, relative, or neighbor? Consider eco-crafting! Here are some great, environmentally sustainable project ideas:

  • Rather than wasting paper by wrapping gifts, make gift bags from recycled newspaper!
  • Make dull lamp shades stand out by adding pages of recycled phone books, see here.
  • Combine wildflower seeds and recycled paper to make these cute seedbombs, a gift that once passed out, can keep growing!
  • Create beautiful magazine bowls out of your old magazines!
  • Reuse your old jeans to make pot holders, purses, tote bags, quilts, iPod holders, and more.

4. As much as possible, make your home tree-free! Try to replace paper napkins with cloth, print on recycled or once-used paper, leave messages on a dry-erase or other reusable message board, switch to a digital organizer for your grocery list (and then you can’t forget it at home either!), replace paper towels with rags (made from your unwanted clothes!) or cloth towels, pay bills online, etc.

5. Finally, the simplest gift is often the most powerful. By planting one tree for someone else or with someone else, you can pass along an eco-friendly message, insuring that World Environment Day 2012 will create a legacy of environmental sustainability for future generations. Because, really, every day is world environment day.

Want to read more? Check out these 50 simple ways you can help save the planet! And most importantly, don’t forget to pass the message along to someone else so you can contribute to a more eco-friendly world!



Celebrate World Environment Day this Sunday!

2 Jun

This Sunday, June 5th, the focus in India will be everything green. Across the country, people will be running, planting, listening, eating, engaging, and speaking with environmental activism in mind. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) first organized World Environment Day (WED) back in 1972, and the annual event has only grown since its creation nearly 40 years ago. The theme this year is “Forests: Nature At Your Service.” As the 2011 host country, India will become the grounds for marathons (and Green Walkathons too!), a Biodiversity Film Festival, lectures on topics ranging from Environmental journalism to Business and the Green Economy, an Organic and Forest Food Celebrity cook-out, as well as numerous tree-planting outings throughout the country. Check out the WED site here and find out ways to get involved wherever you may live!

Here in Vermont, Hope For Women feels very connected to the celebrations abroad. We think of Maya, Sumitra, Poonam, Sushella, Babli and all of the other wonderful and extremely capable artisans working in Uttaranchal, India. Delicately arranging flower petals, these women are the spirit and the creativity behind Hope For Women’s Pressed Flower Notecards.

Our green and blue beaded bracelet

Our deep dedication to the environment and our global community allows us to support and provide eco-friendly, sustainable, Fair Trade products from around the world. With the forest in mind, our Tagua Jewelry is made from the seeds within Colombia’s Ivory Nut Palm pods harvested after they have fallen to the ground. That way, no harm is done to the rainforest during the production process and local forest inhabitants are provided with incentive to protect the trees and keep the rainforest intact.

World Environment Day truly is a day to celebrate. It is our day…the world’s day. At Hope For Women, we celebrate, especially, the female artisans in Colombia, El Salvador and India who work directly with their surrounding environments, using sustainable, innovative resources for Hope For Women products. How will you celebrate World Environment Day?

Hint: You might start the celebration by shaking and grooving to these eco-songs from the WED site! (We like the sixth song, “Paradise Lost.”  How about you?)

Tree image credit: http://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/