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Happy World Food Day!

16 Oct

 Today is World Food Day! This worldwide event is designed to increase awareness, understanding and support for a hunger-free world. First started in 1981, WFD is observed in 150 nations, reaching out to communities around the globe. This event is so successful in part because there is no one way to celebrate it. Each person is responsible for how they want to take action to end world hunger.

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Hope for Women thinks that one effective way to bring awareness to WFD is to support Fair Trade foods! Buying Fair Trade not only helps farmers and workers improve their quality of life but helps them to combat poverty, too.

So we want your input-  what are some of your favorite Fair Trade foods that you buy and why do you love them so much? Never bought Fair Trade foods before? Today is a great time to start! Next time you’re at the grocery store check for the Fair Trade label, and help us create a world free of hunger.

If you want to learn more about World Food Day, take a look at their website!